Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Vita-Mixing: Californ-I-A, Day One

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I came across the 31 days challenge last year, on this blog (I will have to reread the series since now I am a newlywed!). The hostess of the challenge and the other participants can be found here.

Anyway, 31 days of posting about the same topic. 31 days of posting in a row. A double challenge. I’m up for it, and since we’re still in the Year of Savour, and since I love food, why not talk about food for 31 days? Specifically, food one can make with a Vita-mix. Why?

Because I love, and I mean LOVE, my Vita-mix. Seriously. I want to be a pro with the Vita-mix, and put it to the test to show Tall Guy it really can do everything it says it does. (And also because Tall Guy and I need to loose our honeymoon weight. A month of breakfast buffets can really fill you out as well as up...)

It’s highly doubtful that you’ve not heard about the Vita-mix, but in case you haven’t, let me enlighten you: the Vita-mix is the best blender kitchen appliance in the world, and possibly outer space as well. It blends. It chops. It grinds. It kneads. It heats. It freezes. In short, it amazes. Don’t believe me? Follow me for the next 31 days and I’ll prove it.
What better way to begin than at the beginning? A smoothie, right from the Vita-mix cookbook. Say hello to the Californian Detox smoothie! According to the book, this recipe is: energizing, detoxifying, immune-boosting, anti-ageing, stress-busing, weight-shifting (??), high fibre, low cholesterol, fat, calorie and kilojoule. Phew!
Tall Guy, who is not keen on vegetables for breakfast, did not know what went in here before drinking it. I may have said something about strawberries and bananas and he may have been rather skeptical whilst drinking his glass. Hopefully after reading this he won’t refuse to have any more smoothies. Although, if he does, more for me...
So, for the Cali Detox, you dump a beet, half a fennel bulb, celery, carrots, half an apple, water, ice cubes and parsley (but I left this out, because I don’t like it) into the Vita-mix. You whirr it around and poke it with the tamper for about 20 seconds.
Then you drink it and feel healthy and energized.
Flavour: 3 stars. 4 if you have it at lunch and not for breakfast.
Ease: 5 stars. You don’t even have to peel the carrots – just give them a good scrub and throw them in, and you needn’t core the apple. Which means no washing extra kitchen tools. Yay!
Make again: yes, probably.

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