Friday, October 26, 2012

An oldie but a goodie

Chocolate almond protein bars. I've made them in a food processor, by hand, in batches with my tiny Euro-blender (basically, a Magic Bullet), and with an immersion mixer.

In short, I love them, and I'll make them with whatever tools I have on hand.

If you can help it, don't make this by hand or in the magic bullet - it's annoying to stir and hard to mix evenly in batches.

The immersion mixer is ok, but be careful not to blow protein powder and almond dust all over the place.

The food processor works very well, thank you very much, but I don't have one here.

Naturally, I tried them in the Vitamix.


Another triumph for the Red Kitchen Beast!

The batter was well-mixed. Smooth. It was fast. And easy cleanup.

If you want to make your own bars, you'll need to blend:
2 C almond flour
1/4 C ground flax
1/2 C shredded coconut
Stevia to taste
1/2 C melted coconut oil
1/2 C almond butter
2 scoops chocolate protein powder (or add a scoop of cocoa powder and some honey, or berry protein powder, or whatever flavour you like)

Then put it in a pan lined with parchment and let cool in the fridge.

Top with 4 squares of dark chocolate, melted and sweetened to taste, and finish with a sprinkle of finishing salt.


  1. Hey Sailor Girl, I just had a thought - if you swapped the almond butter for peanut, and you made this in muffin tins, they would be healthy peanut butter cups. Just sayin'... :D

  2. The texture looks very nice. Better than in the food processor. I love these too!