Thursday, October 25, 2012

No, but thank you for asking

There are some recipes you can play around with. You can use them as guidelines or a springboard and create something really good. There are others that, in order to get the right results, you should follow more closely. Almond butter is one of those recipes.

My mistake? Using too few almonds. I didn't have three cups. I had about two. But I really, really wanted almond butter on my toast this morning.

Really, really, really, a lot.

It was a serious craving, but I'm not pregnant (much to the in-law's chagrin! They ask daily. The first time they asked, I chalked it up to a "fat shirt" which I got rid of. One month later, and I chalk it up to being excited for the distant future possibility of grandchildren. I have to chalk it up to that, otherwise I'd have no shirts left.). It's just that sometimes one really, really, really wants almond butter. A lot.

So, back to the butter: you really do need three cups of almonds. If you have foresight, you can freeze them first to avoid overheating and help with oil release. Then just put them in the mixer and blend and tamp away until smooth and creamy.

My almond butter is more like a spread (almond paté?), and it's fine. I guess you need more almonds to get them whizzing around in the mixer better. The flavour is good, but I next time I'll make it the right way, and hopefully it will be creamier.

Flavour: Very almond-y and good.
Ease: If you can tamp, you can make this.
Make again: Yes, but following the recipe to a T.

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