Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mint chocolate ice cream. Surprise!

There are more than 700 people doing the 31 day blogging challenge. I think that's so cool - more than 700 people writing about a specific topic for October. Of course I'm not reading 700+ blogs for the month, but I have been following this spot-on series about expat living, and this one about using essential oils.

And you know what? You can use food-grade essential oils to flavour things in the Vitamix.

You know what else? You can use peppermint to make ice cream...

I liked Jodi's recipe, but I didn't have fresh spinach and dairy and I are still on a break, so I used this one from Chocolate Covered Katie instead.

SURPRISE! It's made from spinach!

Spinach, banana, a splash of almond milk and a few drops of essential peppermint oil. Then throw in a handful of chocolate chips (I made mine from a chocolate bar. Chocolate chips are frightfully expensive here!), turn on the Vitamix to 10-high, and voila! I didn't even tamp.

It is SO GOOD that if Tall Guy couldn't see on here that I'd made it, I would eat it all before he came home. Oh wait... he doesn't like peppermint - I can eat it all!

Flavour: AMAZING! I can't get over how good this is. It also has the most ice-cream-like texture of all the Vitamix ice cream I've made so far.
Ease: EASIEST ice cream so far, because no ice is involved and I could tell very easily when it was ready for eating.
Make again: Um, yes, possibly within the next hour or so. Next time I will double the recipe...

Have you tried making ice cream in another blender or food processor? I'd love to know the results.


  1. Really? Spinach?! Hmm. I kinda feel I would need to try this one before being told it had spinach in it... although I do love mint choc chip ice cream.
    (And thanks for the shout out! Love seeing your comments over there)

    1. Really spinach!! I agree 100% - definitely only tell people about the spinach after they try it... :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. you must know that's my fav??!!:D

    1. Yes, only now it's your favourite ice cream with your favourite green vegetable!!! You NEED to make this - you will love, love, LOVE it! OR... you could just fly over here and I'll make it for you. :D