Monday, October 22, 2012

Before and After

One thing I love about the Vitamix is that it gets things really smooth. No lumps, no fibrous bits, no chunks.

We tried this smooth, creamy soup at a Vitamix demo, and Tall Guy raved about it. So today I thought I'd make it. It's dairy-free but still very creamy, thanks to the mixing and a handful of cashews.


You need:
a quarter of a cabbage
half a courgette
a handful of corriander
a slice of ginger
a pinch of cayenne
a slice of lemon
a quarter of a yellow pepper, seeds and stem
300mL of water
a carrot

It's good.
Flavour: A little heavy on the coriander, but pretty good and very close to the demo version.
Ease: Very easy, although I added an extra step - I made the soup this morning, blended for less time, and then heated it up on the stove later for lunch (I tried not to heat it up too much so it would still be raw).
Make again: yes, but with less coriander and more courgette.

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