Sunday, October 21, 2012

When Dairy is Scary...

Make almond milk!
the finished product

look ma, no hands!
Let's face it: sometimes milk is not good. Maybe it's UHT, or you can't find organic, or your stomach says, "not today, please!" Maybe you are just plain out of milk.
If you have some almonds (or cashews) on hand, and a Vitamix, the milk problem can be solved in less than two minutes:

Put half a cup of nuts and one and a half cups of water into the mixer.

Blend on 10-high until smooth.

Strain if you like (no need to strain cashews, or blanched almonds, really).

You can make larger batches and store in the fridge, but I prefer to make what I know I'll use that day. Today's almond milk is going into chai lattes, mmm.

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