Saturday, October 13, 2012

The point of it all

Part of the reason for buying a Vitamix was so we wouldn't need to buy other kitchen appliances, such as a food processor, a large blender, or an ice cream maker...

Tall Guy loves ice cream. It is his fifth food group. We were in Rome in the dead of winter one year, and he ate two kinds of gelatto three times a day!

I'm nearly halfway through 31 days of vitamixing, so it's high time Tall Guy got some ice cream.

the first step - almond milk
I decided on this recipe because it is dairy free, and it only calls for two tbsp of sugar. That's a small enough amount to easily use stevia instead, without worrying about the flavour.

I was alarmed at the thought of 24 ice cubes. We buy ice here, and the cubes are huge! I cut it down, but the mixer probably could have handled them.

Tall Guy was excited to have homemade ice cream, but we both agreed it had too much cinnamon in it - it even tasted kind of bark-y. :( Next time we'll use less.

Ease: very straightforward. The hardest part is waiting! I switched it off too soon (before the sound changed and four mounds formed, the signal to shut off the machine).
Flavour: too much cinnamon, but pretty good. Sweet, soft-serve, dairy-free ice cream.
Make again: ice cream, yes. This flavour? Maybe not.

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