Friday, October 12, 2012

Muffins for Re/Moving Day

It's re/moving day for the Talls, and even though we've had a good breakfast, I'm pretty sure we will need a snack later on.

We're taking some of the very old lady furniture that came with our apartment out, driving them to the country house where they'll feel more at home, and bringing back some younger, more modern things we had there for storage, plus a few newbies we picked up during our six hour Ikea adventure. SIX HOURS, PEOPLE, and all we got was a TV stand and a lampshade!

Anyway, now it's bye bye to the china cabinet whose door just won't open,

adios to kitchen table whose drawers make a noise worse than a cat yowling in the night,

and see ya never to the bed stand that is so old no modern mattress will fit it.

Did I mention we're doing the moving ourselves? And some things don't fit in the lift? And we're on floor five? And the country house is four hours away?


I hate grating carrots, but I love carrot muffins.

3 seconds later, et voila!
Then, you scoop out the carrots, put them in a bowl with raisins, allspice, flour and stevia.

Mix eggs and oil in the Vitamix, and add to the bowl.

Bake for 20 minutes, or 10 if you are using an insanely out of control gas oven,

and voila again - a perfect moving day muffin.

Ease: 10 out of 10, because of not having to grate carrots!
Flavour: a little dry - they need more olive oil
Make again: yes!

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