Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sometimes you don’t feel well. Your throat is scratchy, your head hurts and you do not want to eat anything. Your boss’s voice grates, it’s too cold at your desk, and the smell of your colleague’s soup makes you want to hurl.

It’s time to go home and rest, my friend.
Put on your pyjamas and some slippers, grab a box of tissues and set up camp on the couch, preferably with a movie you’ve seen dozens of times or some kind of home renovation show marathon, so you can easily drift in and out of sleep.

When you’re thirsty, throw a couple of lemons (take off the skin or it will be extra bitter), a small piece of ginger and a spoonful of honey into the Vita-mix. Add three or four cups of water and blend away.
Heat it up or drink as-is, and the hit of Vitamin-C and head-clearing, stomach-calming ginger will have you feeling better before Maria and the Von Trapps have escaped to the safety of the mountains.

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