Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It even cleans itself!

Today I spent four hours cleaning in the kitchen. I could have taken the train to Seville and back in that time, and that's 600km away! The train is very, very fast, and I wouldn't have gotten to see anything, but still...

The people who lived in our house before us were not exactly clean freaks.

I scrubbed the walls and used a paint scrapper to get the hard stuff off: bits of food and a poly-fill job gone wrong.

I used a pot scrubber my stepmom made me to scrub layers of grime off the floors. Thank you, Stepmom.

I went over everything with my kitchen Enjo set. Twice.

Then I moved on to the bathroom. Scrub, rinse, repeat.

You know what's gross? Black sticky stuff on the floor that you can't even guess what it is. And other people's hair in the bathroom drain. And dust in the bathroom. Think about bathroom dust. And what happens in the bathroom. And then think about what the dust must be made of. Are you making a mad dash for your cleaning supplies?

Anyway, those two rooms are now Tall-Girl clean, but it's 5pm and if you ask me what I did today, the answer, of course, is clean. That's it. Nothing interesting!

Fortunately, you won't waste time cleaning the Vita-mix. It's so easy and fast!

You can give the jug a rinse if you like, or just fill partially with water and add a drop of soap. I like to rinse off the lid first. Oh, an important note: if you were using the tamper, take it out and put the lid plug in, and lock it. Otherwise you'll suddenly have a very sudsy ceiling.

Then you turn it on and it cleans itself. No kidding.

When you're done, pour out the water, rinse away any last suds, and let it dry.

Wow, there's so much time left in my evening that I can clean the living room. Or make some tea and settle in with a book.

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