Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Second Time's a Charm

It's Tuesday Treat day, and I made ice cream again!

Soon it will be too cold for ice cream.

Tall Guy begs to differ -he says it's never to cold for ice cream. We were in Rome one February, and it was COLD! This did not stop him from enjoying gelato three times a day, outside, while we were walking around in the snow. He's a super-fan.

I turned this off a few seconds too soon, but you get the idea
This is chocolate cookie ice cream, and the recipe is from the Vitamix book.

First, you need to break up some cookies. You can make your own or just buy some. The recipe calls for whirring them around in the mixer. I would just crush them by hand, as it's too easy to end up with cookie sand with the machine. Set the cookie bits aside.

Then you make some chocolate milk and put it in the blender, along with two frozen bananas, two spoonfuls of coco powder, and three or four spoonfuls of honey.

Finally, add 30 ice cubes.

one batch fits  into an empty 1kg yogurt container
Pop on the lid, switch on to ten and then high, and then just wait. This is the hardest part. When the noise changes, it's almost done. Look down through the lid and watch for four mounds to form on top.

Put the ice cream into a container and stir in the cookie bits, and you're good to serve.

Mmmm, yummy! Tall Guy approves, and I think I could eat this in February, outside, in the snow.

Ease: I'm getting the hang of the "stop" noise. Next time I'll have it down pat.

Flavour: Sweet chocolatey goodness.

Make again: Yes, I plan to try it with vanilla for a cookies and cream version.

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