Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CLAFOUTIS. Bless you!

It's Tuesday. That means it's treat day, and today it means FRENCH treat day. Hooray! (Tall Guy is slightly less enthusiastic, because I've been speaking French with a really annoying, uppity accent. Maybe this dish will cheer him up.)
The first time I heard about clafoutis was when I had an American-French roommate. It was our first summer in the city, we were sub-letting a flat in an amazing neighbourhood, and we of course had to do our own cooking. What? Cook??? It's too HOT to cook!

I had never had a roommate and was somewhat nervous - would she be a clean freak? A slob? A noisy night owl? Would we have our own shelves in the fridge, or share food? We knew each other from around campus, but we didn't really know each other. I knew she was half French. She knew I was tall.
Would we get along?
The short answer is yes, and it was one fantastic summer.
We especially enjoyed cooking for each other: I taught her how to make brownies, and she taught me how to make clafoutis.
That takes us to today, and I'm making peach clafoutis in the Vita-mix.
First, peel the peaches. I peel them by submerging them in just-boiled water for a minute or two. The skins slide right off and the colour stains the flesh of the fruit. Also, less waste and mess.
Once they've been skinned, slice the peaches and line them up in a buttered baking dish.

In the Vita-mix, mix together the batter ingredients.

Pour the batter (which is full of air, which is the point of using the Vita-mix for this recipe, so the clafoutis turns out lighter than air, even if you use almond flour) over the peaches.
Bake and then eat!

Flavour: Um, we ate almost the whole thing for dessert at lunch. It's good.
Ease: very easy and worth it - easier to clean the vita-mix than to wash dishes, and the air that gets in there during mixing makes a difference.
Make-again: yes, with other fruit. You can make clafoutis with cherries, apples, whatever fruit you want!


  1. I just got a vita mix about a month ago, and I've been enjoying this series! One question though - this looks really yummy, but is there supposed to be a recipe with it? I'd love to try it!

  2. Hello,

    There is a peach clafoutis recipe in the Vita-mix cookbook (the actual book, not the one that looks like a binder). Or you could just use any clafoutis recipe you like - throw the batter ingredients into the mixer and pour over the fruit. Or, I can email you the exact recipe I used.

    I hope you are enjoying your Vita-mix as much as I am!