Saturday, October 1, 2016

Walktober is Here!

After a year away enjoying my maternity leave to the max, I´m back blogging again. I started teaching full time again this fall, and while I can´t deny it´s fun tracing my initials in a tray of corn meal, I´m keen to write something a little more in depth.

So, Walktober. Yes, I went there. I love walking and I love October. And Spain? I love how  the beautiful and varied walking opportunities the Fatherland has to offer.

An old tourism slogan for Spain read Spain is Different. It´s a shame this one´s not still in play; this country really is different and has so much more to offer than urban shopping experiences, flamenco shows, paella and packed beaches. Maybe when you think walking in Spain, your mind jumps to the Camino de Santiago. A beautiful option, but... there´s even more! Mountains, deserts, forests, ocean cliffs, city parks and seaside boardwalks, for example. 

This year´s 31 Days challenge has officially begun: Walktober. 31 Days of Walking in Spain.

Come, take a walk with me!

my spanish hiking boots ;)

Walks 1&2, El Camino Schmidt
Walk 3, El Séptimo Pico
Walk 4, Mojonavalle
Walk 5, El Horizontal  
Walk 6, Purgatory Falls
Walk 7, La Barranca  
Walk 8, La Jarosa
Walk 9, Montgo  
Walk 10, Denia Beach
Walk 11, Denia Coast  
Walk 12, Les Fonts de l´Algar 
Walk 13, Las Tablas de Daimiel 
Walk 14, La Senda del Oso 
Walk 15, La Silla de Felipe II 
Walk 16, La Latina 
Walk 17, Los Miradores de Revilla
Walk 18, El Cañon de Añísclo hasta La Ripareta 
Walk 19, El Circo de Soaso
Walk 20, A stroll through Gistaín 
Walk 21, Foz de Lumbier 
Walk 22, Casas de Irati/Embalse de Koixta 
Walk 23, Las Cascadas del Cubo 
Walk 24, El Embalse de Irabia 
Walk 25, Real Fabrica de Armas, Orbaitzeta 
Walk 26, La Cueva de Arpea 
Walk 27, La Ruta de Tres Cuevas 
Walk 28, Las Xanas 
Walk 29, Lagos de Covadonga 


  1. My husband's father is from Spain! I'm from Italy. We've traveled to Italy, but I've never been to Spain so I'm excited to walk along with you! (And I admit, I want to do the Camino!)
    Making the Most of Every Day

    1. Ooo, definitely put Spain on your travel list! Maybe you can try some of the walks, and the Camino, in person some day!