Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 30: Four Spanish Sky Crappers

And we have arrived. If you´ve been to Madrid, I´m sure you´ve started thinking I´d missed out on something. The newest sky scraper complex.

Madrid Cuatro Torres Business Area-2.jpg

Now, a lot of people do think of this area as sky crap - tall buildings and modernity are fine, but isn´t this pushing things a little too far? Others love the futuristic feel of the CTBA (Cuatro Torres Business Area). I love a discussion, and my point of view is somewhere in the middle. Did Madrid, in a real estate and construction crisis, really need this complex? Probably not. Do I think they´re attractive? From a distance. Do they freak me out a little? Yes. Tall Guy´s firm considered moving into one of them, and I have to say, I´m a little relieved it didn´t happen. Call it a post 9-11 / 11-M feeling of insecurity. 

Each tower was designed by a different architect. The "Box Tower" (guess which one...) is by Norman Foster. You can visit all of the towers and enjoy a panoramic view from the restaurants way, way up there. Or stay overnight in a luxury hotel! I prefer the view OF the towers to the view FROM them. They definitely add a little "something-something-something-something" to the skyline of Madrid.

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