Monday, October 10, 2016

Life´s a Beach

We´re in Denia again today, only this time we´re leaving our hiking boots behind and digging our bare feet into the sand. With 20km of coastline, there are plenty of walking opportunities. We stay right on the water on the way out of town, and part of our very relaxing beach routine includes two daily walks, one in each direction. 
it´s not called la costa blanca for nothing!
The "town way" takes us to the main beach and back. Tall Guy and I say it´s not far, but my cousins Tweedle E and Tweedle N will tell you it´s farther than you want to go when you just want to soak up the sun and enjoy the Med, and no ice cream along the way! At least it´s flat, right girls?

The "other way" is usually a 5 km round trip walk, and at the turnaround we always say we should go farther one day. There´s a little bay in the distance that looks appealing, and beyond that, who knows? Well, this summer, we finally did it. We walked until you can walk no more. A stream flowing into the sea cut us off. 

We walked along the busy residents´ beach, along a more sparsely populated, wilder beach, around a beautiful cove where Baby will love splashing and paddling around in the water next summer, and finally came to the end. Only it wasn´t really the end. If we had been so inclined, a quick swim would have given us a few more kilometers of beach to walk along.

We didn´t take Baby with us on this walk, since we didn´t know how far we´d be going or what kind of terrain we would encounter. Instead, we walked out at a stroll and back at a lively pace, breathing in the salty sea air, recharging our batteries with the setting sun.  

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