Sunday, October 9, 2016

Love is Finding Someone to Go to Montgo

After a week of hikes in the Madrid area, it´s time to travel further afield. How about a trip to the beach and our home away from home, Denia? Tall Guy grew up spending his summers in this Mediterranean beach town, and knows it like the back of his hand. His friends joke that while they all liked going to the beach to relax and tan, Tall Guy got over that pretty quickly and wanted to do things. Then he met me, and voila, he had someone to share his adventures with. Someone to go to Montgo.
at the summit with the dog. happy 30th!
We´ve hiked Montgo twice, including once on my 30th birthday. Starting my 30th year from the top of the world felt pretty good. To reach the summit, get ready for a climb of 753 metres on a rocky path and then a final climb over lose rock. Nearly 15km and at least 5 hours. Not really a Baby-friendly hike. And not a hike for inexperienced hikers, either. We know a couple who, after hearing about our repeat success and enjoyment, decided to give it a go. They started out too late on an iffy weather day and ended up having to call a rescue team. It´s not a dangerous hike, but it is essential to be prepared! And by prepared, I mean starting out early enough and with the right equipment so that you make your lunch reservation for paella at three. It´s really the only sensible way to end a hike up Montgo.

Phoenician coin
i love this phoenician coin (source)
Time to get your nerd on - I like to know the significance of the area I´m hiking in, to enjoy it on another level. Montgo is part of the Cordillera Prebetica range, and is very rocky. It´s in a protected park, and if you really want to get your nerd on, you can check out the unusual plants (there are more than 650 species growing in the area) and animals that make it their home. There are even cave paintings and other archaeological findings from Phoenician and settlements. Neat!

I like this hike because it takes you away from the crowds in town and gives a panoramic perspective of the beach and surrounding area. The views are breathtaking (we were able to see as far as Ibiza, 70km away). It´s a reminder that, even in a beach town, there is more to Spain than meets the eye. This particular hike is also special because it´s one of the first ones Tall Guy and I did together in Spain. A match made in Montgo, you could say. 

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