Monday, October 24, 2016

Taking it Easier in Irati

Another day, another trail, that´s our motto when we´re on vacation. Today´s trail, a walk around the Irabia Reservoir, was only 2km of actual trail, and 7km of forest access road, and the steepest climb was 48m. Barely a climb after 900m a few days before! We had a leisurely start to the day, packed the requisite tinfoil wrapped bocadillos (you really do feel left out, if, at break time anywhere in Spain, you are the only one without a shining snack to unwrap. My Bro can attest to this - once we sent him to a Real Madrid game, and sure enough, at break time, he and his friend were the only ones in the stadium not to pull one out of a little plastic bag. Oops. Sorry Bro.), and headed to Orbaitzeta, the access point for the day´s hike.

The trail was appealing to all kinds of people. We saw an older couple, a family with teens, a couple with a dog, a scout group and bikers. One man stopped us to say how nice it was to see us introducing Baby to nature from such a young age. I thought it was nice to see so many different kinds of people out and about, enjoying the park. That´s something I love about Spain, and visitors from Canada often comment on - everyone and anyone is outside!

Despite the variety of people, the trail was not busy. The water was so blue it reminded me of the Carribean. The forest was not quite as dense, but still so green and beautiful. We had a quiet stroll around the reservoir, and Baby even walked for a kilometer on his own!

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