Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Fourth Day: Ordesa

While we weren´t quite hiked out after our adventure climb, we decided we needed a change of pace, especially since later that week we´d be at a whole new park to explore and wanted to have the "ganas" (the will, the excitement) to do so. Our friendly hotel receptionist suggested a trip to three little villages. Little village was a stretch - teeny, tiny hamlet was more like it. Very authentic.

closed, but i loved the colours
Gistaín, Plan and Sin are a grouping of three communities perched on the mountainside. While there are lots of hiking routes in the area, we stuck to the town square in Gistaín, mainly because we happened upon the rehearsal for the village festival, San Joaquín. Baby played in a park backing onto the church bell tower, to a soundtrack of traditional music. We watched a tiny girl practise walking in her costume, and saw the musicians setting up for the procession. Even the mayor was out, prowling up and down the procession route.

you can always find a fiesta in spain
There were places in each of the little towns to buy cheese and other locally made foods, and of course even for such a small place there were more than a few bars, but most things were closed, as everyone was out preparing for the next day´s festivities.  

It was fun to wander "sin rumbo" around Gistaín, getting a glimpse of rural mountain life. And it´s a not a stereotype - Spaniards really do love their fiestas, and even the smallest "pueblo" will take the time and effort to put on a good celebration. Gistaín has about 150 people, and yet they had four days of festivities. Incredible, and oh so typical for Spain. One´s lonely, two´s barely company, but three and up? Let´s party. Viva!

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