Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 20: Phoenix Falling

If you´ve been to Madrid, you´ve seen it. You´ll have been by on the tourist bus or strolling past down Gran Vía. You´ve probably snapped some pics of you and your travelling companions with it in the background. Oh, and it was the tallest building in Madrid until 1921 (not that this clue will help you figure it out unless you´re really into Madrid facts...).

That´s right, it´s the Metrópolis Building. It used to be the Unión y Fénix building, and was topped with, obviously, a phoenix. That statue (Ganymede riding the phoenix) can now be seen at ground level on the Paseo de Castellana. The Unión y Fénix became the Metrópolis building after a sale in the 70s, and along with the name change it received new statues. At ground level (covered up for restorations at them moment), the statues represent Mining, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. Overseeing it all  is Winged Victory. Just as stunning is the cupola, which is adorned with around 30,000 gold leaf pieces of 24 carat gold.

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