Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: One Stop, Seven Lookouts

El Cerro de Tío Pío is today´s lookout. Known locally as parque de las 7 tetas, there are indeed seven peaks to climb, with views of Madrid and the sierra. By day you´ll see families, dog-walkers, old Spanish men on their daily constitutional, and couples snapping selfies. By night it turns into a popular sunset-watching and botellón location (botellón - like a house party, only in a park. If you go, please remember to pick up your trash!). It is easily reached, if a little further afield, by metro (line one, Portazgo or Buenos Aires) or several buses. I highly recommend the trip if you´ve been to Madrid before (or live here!) and are looking for something new to do. 

You might work up a thirst if you walk up and down all seven peaks, but don´t worry - this is Spain, there is a bar, where on nice days you can sit outside with your café or cerveza no matter what time of year it is - if it´s a sunny day, there will be tables set up outside. 

If you get tired of the view, look down. You might find a shard of beautiful ceramic mixed in with the dirt or gravel, thanks to the ceramic factory that was once located here.

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