Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Go with the Snow

It seems Winter finally woke up and realized, "Hey, it's WINTER! Let's get this thing going!" 

We've had nothing but harsh, cold wind and grey skies since Sunday, and today there was almost snow! Too "cold" for outdoor recess (seriously, these Spaniards have NO idea...), so this afternoon I threw in some extra playtime for my little flock. After being cooped up inside for two grey days, I don't think they could have handled another craft or worksheet, or even a story or a song, so I got out the animals and some blocks, and we set to work building a farm. We were all feeling a little classroom-feverish, and the mood, despite the toys, was quiet and dull.

The clouds parted for a brief moment, the change of colour causing me to look out the window, and instead of sun I saw tiny granules of hail. "Ooo, look outside!" I said, and they did, and all joy broke loose.
scrambling for a spot at the window to see the "snow"
"Snow, SNOW, SNOW!" they chanted, running to the windows. 

"It's Christmas again!" 

"Santa's coming!" 

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!"

Everyone was excited, teacher included, to see a hint of the white stuff (even if it was really hail). We made a collective decision to ditch the farm, spending what was left of the afternoon watching the weather and singing our snowman and snowflake songs. 

Hey, sometimes you've just got to go with the flowsnow.

Taking time to delight in the moment and embrace the winter weather put a smile on all our faces, and even a jump of joy into some students, and we finished the day on a high note. The hail turned to rain and evening fell quickly, but I don't mind. I've got the window cracked open and that fresh, clean, crisp scent of snow is in the air. 

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