Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Couch Shopping

Today I went couch shopping.

Couch shopping: a merging of "couch potato" and "couch surfing" with commercial activity; shopping from the comfort of another's couch.

Obviously, we're in the market for some baby clothes, but the cold, slippery streets and extremely expensive (compared to Canada) items had me procrastinating. Thankfully, a friend suggested joining Moms in Madrid, a Facebook group for, well, moms. In Madrid. Apart from sharing good information about special events, doctors, classes, people to meet and places to go, group members often have things for sale. You can get all kinds of baby paraphernalia, often American brands, for a reasonable price and meet another expat mom at the same time.

Before Christmas, I met a really nice mom who's baby will be almost exactly three years older than mine, should mine arrive at the expected time. I started slow - a looooong pillow to help me be comfortable, and some bottles. We kept in touch and when she offered some newborn through one year old clothes, I jumped at the chance to start filling Baby's closet. Yesterday I had only a pair of booties, one bodysuit, and some specially saved outfits from our moms from when we were babies. I wanted to be prepared, but didn't want to go crazy and end up with heaps of clothing Baby would only wear a couple of times. I also am less familiar with baby brands here, and don't enjoy the shopping experience as much as I would if I were in Canada.
sweet little socks, kinda creepy looking baby
And that's how I ended up spending this afternoon couch shopping. We sat on her couch and went through a mountain of sweet little outfits, and even some maternity things for me. It's the best kind of shopping - all of the products are right in front of you, you sit down the whole time, you can have a hot beverage, and you can get to know someone new who has "been there, done that" at the same time.

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