Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby Talk

Do you remember the days when you had a handwritten list by the phone of numbers you frequently called, and dialing so often you'd memorized the numbers of your favourite people? Or calling anyone out of your area code was reserved for after 6 pm so rates would be cheaper? Otherwise, if you talked for very long, you'd need to keep a close eye on the time to avoid a talking-to when the phone bill came in.

Ancient history.

i love this phone
Despite being many, many area codes away from my grandmother, I can talk to her all I want, whenever I want, thank you very much, Voice over Internet Protocol. I can even call by pressing her picture, although I still do know her number by heart.

It's not the same as visiting, and letters still have a special place in my heart, but spending time catching up with loved ones on the phone is an important part of maintaining relationships whilst living abroad, a great way to check in and feel instantly connected. And what a fun way to spend the afternoon, hearing a familiar voice, talking about everything or nothing at all.  

Today we had a nice, long chat - she caught me up on what's happening back home, including all the snow I'm missing, and I talked mostly about Baby, of course! I filled her in on today's doctor's visit (the baby is perfect), yesterday's shopping excursion, how the nursery is coming along, and shared some funny stories from my class. I loved sharing all my news with someone who was delighted to hear about every last detail, and who is so thrilled about Baby's arrival. 

At home and abroad, friends and family really are only a phone call away, so what are you waiting for? Log into your VoIP program or pick up your phone, and dial away!  

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