Monday, February 2, 2015

Fun February

I know, I know, traditionally love is the theme for February, but Valentine's Day is just one day, and what about the other 27 days? Sure, this year there's also Carnival, but there are still 26 days until March. It's a long-short month, this transition from winter to spring, and while I'm by no means wishing the days away, I am looking forward to Baby's arrival and hope to avoid the draggy third trimester I've heard described by friends and family. Not only that, but my word for the year is delight, and why not take some time to delight in each day?

So Fun February it is - 28 days of intentionally doing something fun. Fun, of course, is all relative - hobbies, activities with family or friends, nights out with Tall Guy, special classes at school - anything goes, as long as it's fun! 

Whispers by Belva Plain
check out the plot!

Yesterday we kicked things off with some quiet fun - we spent the afternoon and a good part of the evening parked on the couch, reading for fun. I love reading about childcare, and reading to Baby, but it's important to avoid getting so totally wrapped up in baby things that I forget about my own hobbies. And so we spent many a cold and windy hour getting lost in our favourite reads. The day flew by. I love getting lost in a good story! Yesterday's book was Belva Plain's Whispers. Her stories are so human and believable they are very easy to get lost in. 

Tall Guy's away on business until tomorrow, and I'm using my evening alone for an at-home mini spa nighta berry-green smoothie for dinner, a manicure, pedicure and facial, with classical music on in the background and lavender oil in the aroma diffuser, followed by a 10 minute nighttime yoga video, ending with a mug of vanilla rooibos tea.

Sally Hansen Pink Fast Insta-Dri
hot pink toenails to beat the winter blues

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