Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lemon Zinger

It's been a loooong week at work. A long month, actually. For non-teachers who are jealous of Christmas holidays, don't be - there is a reason for this. We need the time off after spending the month with children who grow wilder by the day (they've been singing screaming Christmas tunes since the week after Halloween). They are endearing, but really, we're having a hard time getting anything done when, after explanations, "any questions?" is met by "When are Santa and the Wise Men coming?"

Well, the workbooks are all finished, the crafts are ready to go home, the report cards are all written, and with only one more day to go until the Christmas Festival, the carols are mostly learned. (If only they would sing them instead of shout them!)

I know I'm extra-tired this year (younger grade, growing a baby), and it's especially lovely to be sitting by the tree with my feet up, a hot tea and a yummy treat within reach and Christmas tunes playing in the background.

tall girl, you're not in london anymore but you can pretend!
To make these lemon-ginger bars, I merged two recipes from Healing Cuisine. The topping is this one, only I used honey instead of xylitol, and the cookie bottom is half of the gingerbread cookie recipe from Elise's Christmas e-book, which you all should buy. I made the cookie dough and then followed the lemon bar recipe. Next time (and there will be a next time; my husband loves them, too!) I will use the entire cookie recipe and double the topping to have a larger batch!

They remind me of the lemon-ginger bars I used to enjoy from Leon, a healthy fast-food chain in London. I love the combination of fresh lemon (we brought back 7 kilos of lemons from the farm!) and zingy ginger. It's also great that they are protein-packed and naturally sweetened, good for Baby and me.

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