Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Despite the holiday Monday, it's been a long week - I've been off work with laryngitis and a cold, and it's kind of felt like a time warp. Waking up in bed, having a hot lemon tea, a neti pot rinse, and dosing off on the couch. Waking up, having some soup, and falling back into bed.
december rose
Last weekend, however, was great - it started with a Christmas dinner party, albeit a little too long for Baby and me, but fun overall, and I know Tall Guy had a blast. 

halfway there!
Then, we had a leisurely weekend in the country, complete with a crackling fire, books, and hot tea, after a crisp country walk; 

i seized tall guy's "Canada" hat
i could do this every evening!
Roses, lambs and a new puppy; 

the puppy

checking each other out
cute little guys!
and a roast suckling pig dinner to go out in style.
crisp on the outside, and nice and juicy on the inside
Here's to the weekend, long or short as it may be!

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