Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prepare Him Room

My first thought reflecting upon last week was that it was long. And exhausting. And, of course, no snow, so kind of a bummer. But then I looked a little deeper, and can honestly say that, yes, I'm tired, but it's been a joy-filled week.
  • My students were wild - with delight at the approach of Christmas, making a joyful noise at their concert, and excited for me to open their lovely gifts.
  • School was intense - concerts, reports, interviews, but we ended the week celebrating the season together, and I'm so thankful for this job and my new colleagues.
  • My schedule is full - visiting old friends and even making a new one whilst picking up some things for Baby.
  • My body is tired - from Baby growing and dancing around, who I saw and felt move from the outside for the first time.
  • The kitchen is messy - with Christmas projects taking over the table and ingredients ready to be baked lined up on the counter.  
  • There is no snow - but I can go for long walks outside to enjoy the lights and decorations.

I wish this were longer - so pretty!

Maybe it's fine, even normal, to feel busy and tired this time of year, as long as we remember what it's all about. We're hustling and bustling to prepare for celebrating with friends and family, preparing room for the ultimate Joy. After all, it's not like the trip to Bethlehem was a five-star all-inclusive holiday. Mary and Joseph? Busy, exhausted, but joy-filled

Christmas - we're celebrating the birth of the Joy we've been preparing for, the Joy we're living for. 

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