Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Yoga of Work

A while back, I came across this article in Yoga Journal and it really hit home for me.

It's so easy to get frustrated with myself, my students, other staff, technology, the weather... there are so many variables in work that sometimes things feel out of control. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I now try to let it go. I prepare my lessons and go to work knowing that we all have off days. Maybe the kids are tired, or I'm tired, or we're all just ready for a break. 
The outcome of a lesson is not necessarily a reflection of my abilities as a teacher or my hopes for the class. 

Sometimes everyone is on it - things go off spectacularly without a hitch, and I think, hooray! I love teaching! Other times, one thing or another doesn't work out. 

I used to think what am I doing here? How will I come back from this? Not very joyful, and not very motivating to keep on teaching. Now I think, it's okay - I went in and did my best, and although things didn't go quite as planned, tomorrow is another day.

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