Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Schooled: Keeping up with my own education

"When I was your age, we did it this way."

Ever hear that from a teacher? Wasn't it annoying? Newsflash - times change!

I'm trying hard to avoid being that teacher, the one who doesn't support new ways of doing things, who doesn't know how to use new technology effectively, who isn't aware of new trends in teaching, who thinks her way is the only and best way. So much changes so quickly that keeping up with my own education, both formally and individually, plays a big part in keeping me, and my students, joyful in the classroom.

If you make an international move, like I did, it might involve going back for more formal schooling or an equivalency course.

I try to keep on top of things through social networking, receiving alerts for articles on topics I think I'll be interested in or that will help me in the classroom. I read a lot of books on bilingual teaching and the brain on languages, so important in my particular teaching environment, and I read a lot about the arts and the classroom, because it's something I believe in.

I talk with other teachers - it's a great way to get new ideas, and to go over things that didn't work so well to try to improve for next time. I get (at this grade level, very basic but still relevant) feedback from students and sometimes parents.

I attend training offered by the school and also outside events when I have the chance.

Because even though I'm the teacher, I don't know it all, and that's okay.

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