Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Treat: Homemade Vegetable Thins

I'm a Snackasaurus. Big time. I've been known to devour a family-size bag of chips and empty a packet of crackers, and if it's sweet I crave, polish off a box of cookies. For reals.
Today I wanted something salty and crispy. Crackers. Specifically, Vegetable Thins. Have you tried them? (Do you know them, as the Spanish would say?)
Vegetable Thins
good, but not good for you
I'm not in Canada, though, so there are no Vegetable Thins to be found. Besides, I wouldn't eat them now anyway, since we like to keep it real in the kitchen. I ate these instead:
good, and good for you!
You can find the recipe here. I used Gayle's recipe as a base (thanks, Gayle!), leaving out the herbs and adding a crumbled vegetable stock cube and two tablespoons of parmesan cheese. I'm going to call them VegeteGayle Thins.

a few left over for tomorrow - tall guy likes them, too!
I rolled them out between a silicon baking sheet and parchment, the thinner the better (and crispier they will be!), and ran a knife through the dough to cut into pieces. After the stated bake time, I lifted them onto a pizza tray (with holes in it) and left them in the warm oven to get some extra crunch. Next time I'm going to try recreate the taste of Swiss Cheese Crackers - I'll up the cheese and ditch the stock.
Have you made over any junk food? I always love new recipes!

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