Monday, February 3, 2014

The Snowptomist

It snowed today. Here's proof:

Photo: Snow day...

Don't you see the white dusting on the car?
And here is actual snow on the ground:
Photo: And there is snow on the ground,  even!  Kind of.
Friends and family from the motherland are scoffing, but I can't help but feel cheerful. After all, I do love snow. I'm happy to see snowflakes in the air and also happy I don't have to dig my car out of a metre of the stuff.
Just call me a snowptomist. 


  1. You have always been good at making up words! Sorry you are missing the snow in Southern Ontario.

    1. I think I'm in the right profession for making up words - my students make up words all the time when they're guessing what a word might be in English. Fun!