Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spain, eh?

plaza colon, madrid
It’s a passionate relationship we have, Spain and I. You know, fiery. That place where love and hate blurr. Up! Down! Radiant! Sullen! Twelve dozen roses in the morning and a plate thrown at the wall at night.

We drive each other crazy, Spain and I. Can’t live with it...
  • People who spit on my leg.  The brureaucratic nightmare to end all nightmares. Wonderful, talented people without meaningful work. A lot of pork.
And of course, I can’t live without it...
  • Amazing historical sites, hidden terraces and fun stores. Insanely talented craftspeople. There’s art. There’s food. There’s sun. In February. 
Sometimes I want to leave RIGHT NOW. And then I can't imagine being away.

For the moment, I'm here to stay, and for the next 31 days, I’d like to share my Spain with you. From tiny towns to specialty shops, a paella for 18or a pincho for one... vámonos – it's gonna be Spaintastic!

I'm linking up with The Nesting Place for the 2013 31 Days blogging challenge. You can check out other 31 day bloggers here.


  1. I can’t wait to read on - - -
    Your talent as a writer is impressive and entertains those of us who follow your blog. We look forward to your next installment.

  2. Plate thrown at the wall?! You'll have to write a post about that one ;)