Monday, October 7, 2013

conejito de esqui (that means ski bunny)

Like skiing? Come to Spain! No, really, there is a lot of great skiing here - high mountains, sun, and temperatures that don't make you fear your nose is going to fall off (thank you, -20C Canada). From Madrid, you can go North to the border with France, or South to the Sierra Nevada. Today we're heading up to Formigal. Enjoy!
Formigal is so close to France you could go there for dinner (this is recommended, only because it's cool to say, "oh yeah, I had dinner in France last night". Unless you're still in France. Then it's just normal). It's part of the Spanish Pyrenees, which are beautiful, and cheaper than the French ones. Really, eating, sleeping and skiing in Spain is cheaper than in France. And, as I pointed out, they're REALLY CLOSE, so if you're in France, drive on for another thirty minutes to hit the deals. Driving from Madrid is quite long but not unbearable, and the scenery is worth it.
I like Formigal because there are heaps of runs and lifts so it doesn't feel crowded. I need space to ski comfortably - small children shooting by make me nervous. Tall people have a lot farther to fall, you know. Anyway, there's room for everyone at Formigal. Some of the runs even span two countries. "Oh yeah, I skied to France today", you can say nonchalantly to your mates. There are not a lot of places in Canada where you can do this.
We didn't stay at a ski resort. Instead, we opted for a hotel in a nearby village. Which one? Take your pick - there are lots of places to stay and see, and eat. The mountains aren't illuminated, so night life to replace night skiing is important. 
And did I mention how sunny and beautiful it is?

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