Friday, October 4, 2013

Saints in a Nature Park

Las Hoces del Río Duratón is a natural park in the province of Segovia. 5037 hectares of nature to get lost in. I was there in the spring, when the trees had enough buds to make everything look green and lively.
impromptu bridge
In the 8th century, Saint Fructus lived here as a hermit, and there's a monastery in the park dedicated to him. What, saints in a nature park? Well, Spain is kind of saint-crazy. Not a month goes by that I don't have a t least one day off thanks to one saint or another.  

And Fructus? He was from a noble family, sold all his possessions and went to live in a cave in what is now the park. His siblings followed suit, each living in their own caves to ensure complete solitude. Yikes! I like contemplating in nature and all, but I'm not sure about 100% complete solitude, especially if Bro's cave were right next door. Sometimes I just need to talk (surprise! I like talking!).

the cliffs
Anwyay, some people intending to become his followers were chased by soldiers to the very door of his hermitage. Fructus tried to convert the soldiers to no avail. He drew a line in the ground, a kind of "this is your side of the park, this is my side, no crossing!" thing. The soldiers ignored the line and the ground miraculously opened up and swallowed them. Should have stayed on your side of the line, boys. 

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