Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And 10 Things I Love About Spain

And just to keep it even, 10 things I love about Spain!
1. Taxes are included - the price is what it is, thank you very much. No sense in reminding everyone we're paying 21% to the government to fund cabinet minister fiestas.
2. Fresh produce is practically free (3kg of strawberries for about 6 dollars. What????)
2.b. Good wine is also almost free.

2.c. And they're just giving away the dairy.

3. This is a country steeped in mega-history. I love it! 
4. We still have 1 cent coins. And we have two cent coins. So there. 
wish you were here!
5. A two-hour lunch, even during the week, is the norm. So is a post-lunch siesta. What's not to love about that?
6. There are beaches within a morning's drive from Madrid in all directions, in four different bodies of water. Last weekend we were at Santander. This weekend, heading for the Med.
7. Public transportation is so good and cheap that you don't really need a car.
8. You can go out for a nice coffee every day without taking out a loan, and even non-coffee drinkers will like it.
in pedraza
9. If it's sunny, restaurant patios will be set up for use. Even in January. 
10. Clothes are more festive - festive colours, lace, polka-dots, ribbons, dangly earrings are all accepted work wear.

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