Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Madrid

See: A tree decorated with more love than ornaments. Charlie Brown would approve. (Ahem, but watch out, tree - next year my decos from Canada will be here and you will be covered!)

Hear: a cacophony of loud voices all talking at once,  cutlery on plates, the dog from downstairs, water ticking through the radiator,  clinking glasses, Micheal Buble's Christmas CD, and the same from the neighbours, although they are playing different music. Oh, and a truck idling outside. Madrid is not the second-loudest city in the world for nothing!

Smell: my fabulous, fabulous, brag-worthy turkey. Roasted upside down to keep it juicy, stuffed with chestnut and apple stuffing, served with gravy and damson port sauce, thank you very much!

check out my new apron! 
Taste: Almonds. In the almond-apricot-pine nut cake. Mmmmm.... 

Feel: Christmasy. Which is to say, happy, a little too warm, tired, full, and ready to watch Charlie Brown one more time.


  1. The chestnut and apple stuffing sounds delicious. Do you have a recipe? I bought a turkey on sale yesterday (yey, for after Christmas sales!) and need to figure out how to cook it!

    1. Hi Fiona,

      You can find the chestnut stuffing recipe on the Martha Stewart website. For the turkey, it took 3 hours - I stuffed it and covered it in butter, and stuck it breast-down in the roasting pan. No basting necessary. Check out this chart for cooking times: http://www.turkeyfarmersofcanada.ca/preparation/cookingTimes/

      After the meal, I threw all the bones into the crock pot, covered with water and added an onion and celery, and voila, yesterday we woke up with a nice pot of stock!

      Good luck - I love turkey. :)