Monday, December 24, 2012

The Christmas Eve Runaround

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm not ready.
The presents aren't bought. The tourtiere isn't made.
The stuffing isn't ready. The wreath isn't up.
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown is only half-watched.
I can't find pate knives for Tall Guy (butter knives are not, nor will they ever be, pate knives, so just trying to push that, Madrid!). They're out of the book I wanted to give Small Sis. Will I be able to bring myself to spend 12 euros on a handful of cranberries?

But the advent calendar is done. School is out. The tree is up. Poinsettias are half-off. Despite the weather (it's 15 degrees outside - crocuses are coming up in my garden), all other signs point to December 24.

I could use another week to get in the mood, to make eggnog and cookies, and wrap gifts and make decorations, sing songs and visit friends, one more week to find some Christmas spirit.

well, at least there's a star on it...
Were the shepherds ready when the angels called them to ditch their flocks and run to the manger?

Were the wise men ready to embark on a long, dangerous journey to visit a stranger?

Was Joseph ready to bring up a child that was not his own?

Was Mary ready to bear the Son of God?

The answer is, no (after all, can you ever be 100% ready for a child?).

They didn't have the most organized birth, the best baby shower ever. Mary hadn't read the book on hypno-birthing and there was no calming music or warmed blankets. There were no chocolates shaped like bottles or onesies for guests to decorate, and Joseph didn't have cigars to pass out to the shepherds. They weren't ready.

And it didn't matter.

What matters is that they did what they were called to do - ultimately, to welcome the Christ Child into their hearts and lives.

So it's ok if you don't have the perfect table setting, coordinated gift-wrap, or even cranberries. You don't have to hear carols or feel magical or see snow. You've already been given the greatest gift, and that gift is also yours to give, so you can stop running around.

Love. It's all you need to be ready for Christmas.

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  1. That is beautiful! I was hoping for a Christmas Eve post.