Monday, January 9, 2012

The Zillas

Or how to plan a wedding in 10 days

I’m back in London, baby! By this point in time, it should be obvious that I love (really, actually LOVE) London. It’s great. But, of course, I love Canada more. And that’s where I spent my Christmas holiday. Actually, it’s where I spent my Christmas holiday in a wedding-planning frenzy.

I did see family and friends. I did make merry and carol my heart out, wrap a bunch of presents with heaps of tape, stuff myself with goodies, and generally enjoy the season. But I also planned.  A lot.  Every. Single. Day.  And heading back to work, to a routine, is kind of relaxing… 

Day one: arrive home at 1am. Try on wedding dresses at 4pm.
Day two: wake up at 5 (time change, remember). Buy first wedding dress tried on yesterday at 9:15 am (I was there when the shop opened).
Days three, four and five: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. Lots of family time, and wedding chat. And, thanks to two wonderful, thoughtful and beautiful friends, a wedding organizer to help me from going completely insane!
Day six: Drive across the border to the Hobby Lobby. Arrive at 10am. Purchase invitation material at 10:06.
Day seven: Drive across the border once again, with three lovely ladies in tow, to choose bridesmaid dresses. Phew!

Tall Guy finally arrived, and dove headfirst into the planning. We checked out our reception venue and met with our coordinator. We went over cocktail platters and drink lists, looked at room configurations and chair covers. We met with the minister and picked out scripture for the ceremony. We asked a dear friend to sing a solo. We chose music. We made save the dates. We were given a photographer. We investigated hotels for our Spanish guests. We ogled limos. We checked out morning suits. We had an engagement party, with a lovely champagne toast from my brother. We chose a cake. We made lists. We checked things off.

Our nearest and dearest were thrilled to hear about our engagement, and have been so free with offers of help that, other than Tall Guy suggesting he would wear a bright red tie and rent a white hummer-limo, I have been without stress. If we had to get married next weekend, we could do it. Of course we argued a little and felt overwhelmed by decisions. Naturally, there were some tears (I may be a fiancée now, but I’m still me). And obviously, we’re knackered. But that’s ok.

A wedding is a celebration of love, and we have been so loved during the past few weeks it’s indescribable. 

So the Zillas, both Bride and Groom, who slept the whole way home, and who feel very organized and very, very loved, just want to say thanks to everyone who made our time in Canada so wonderful.

We love you, too.

place me like a seal over your heart


  1. oh tall girl - you're going to love it. having planned our wedding in much the same way i can vouch that actually it's not that stressful in the intervening time. yes you send invites and have emails a plenty to handle and negotiate trans-atlantic phone calls with vendors who don't quite get your time change. but it's not that bad. my suggestion is to let go of the details that don't matter - i cared about the colour of the flowers, not the flowers themselves. delegate!

    also, if you have the time, going the week ahead of your guests is a great stress-buster, you can check off the little to-do's without stressing about your in-laws (mine were also from abroad)/friends/travellers/pre-wedding events. i went to canada two weeks before we got married, my husband and most of our travelling friends and family arrived a week before and we had a number of pre-wedding events, which really made the trip a wonderful experience for all (niagara and a wine tour and a huge rehearsal party that included all of our out-of-town guests and family were two highlights!)

    it's do-able and really, a lot of fun! enjoy the engagement, it's such a special time. blessings.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! It really has been easy to delegate, with so many offers of help!

      I haven't yet booked my ticket home, but I will plan on going ahead of our international guests. Gettled settled in first sounds like a great idea.

  2. Sounds like such a lovely, productive holiday! Are all tall people this organized? ;)

    1. It was a wonderful holiday! I can't say for sure about all of us alls ;) but Tall Guy is for sure the most organized person I know, which is a big help!

  3. Sounds like such a lovely, productive holiday! Are all tall people this organized? ;)