Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally Feeling It

it´s Christmas time in the city
It snowed on Friday. Well, it more like rain, trying really hard to be festive, but still, it was enough to ignite the spark of Christmas cheer and excitement that I’ve been sadly missing this year.

And at lunch, Chippy and I went to Inner Temple Church to hear Benjamin Britton’s A Ceremony of Carols performed by the lovely Inner Temple Singers.

The snow, the music, a Secret Santa exchange with friends at work - I was all set for a weekend of Christmas shopping, right down to the Christmas feeling.

But, hold on one minute - Christmas shopping in London. The week before Christmas.

This can only mean one thing – MADNESS!

Tall Guy and I elbowed our way through Selfridges, crawled through the food hall at M&S, dodged down the escalators at Debenhams, and somehow made it off of Oxford Street alive. Phew! Surviving Oxford Street on a normal day is a feat; getting away from there in one piece on a Saturday the week before Christmas was a Christmas miracle.

We packed our presents into our modern sleigh and zoomed over to Bermondsey Street for a cosy late lunch at Zucca, an awesome Italian restaurant we’ve been wanting to try (best to reserve a couple of weeks in advance). Full of fresh focaccia, fish, and a lovely panna cotta, we made our way home, with one last stop. Harrods.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

You Londoners are probably thinking, “WHY!?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?” Well, I was thinking, if I survived Oxford Street… For all of you North Americans, think Black Friday or Boxing Day door crashers. Insanity. To top it all off, the Christmas decorations were on sale, causing the normally dignified women of Knightsbridge to go mad, leaping over garlands to grab the last sparkling Santa and swiping whole racks of reduced gift bags into their baskets.

I managed to find what I was looking for without getting trampled, breaking anything, or getting lost. Thank goodness Tall Guy was there to propel me through (and out of) there!  

Today the only snow around is in my snow globe, but that Christmas feeling is finally here to stay.
Five more sleeps!


  1. you might be the bravest person i know! oxford street AND harrods? wow.

  2. I can't believe you went to Harrods that close to Christmas. Harrods in October was bad enough!!!

  3. When shuffling along Oxford Street and navigating through Harrods in June, I remember thinking "this is so crazy busy, it's like Christmas!" Now you say it's even worse in December. Wow. Still, I'd do it!

  4. I'm having a panic attack just reading this...