Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pioneer Day

It’s cold. 10 degrees. I’m wearing a toque, woolly socks and a few layers of hard-core thermal hiking gear. 

Oh, and did I mention I am INSIDE???

Yes folks, for our first “real” cold days of the year, our boiler stopped working. We called our landlord right away, and he arranged for a “boiler engineer” (these Brits really love their engineers) to come fix it. He came yesterday, but he couldn’t find a parking space, so he left. (This was despite Tall Guy pointing out several very good parking spaces up the street, and trying to flag him into one as if he were guiding an airplane down a runway.) 

“Sorry, we’ll have to reschedule”. 

Fine. We rescheduled. For this morning, at 7! And, wouldn’t you know, he called at 6:15, to let us know he was on his way…

Who wouldn’t call two chilly customers, who had been left in the lurch yesterday, before the crack of dawn to let them know the appointment was still on, after having confirmed the appointment at 10 the night before? 

Anyway, he came. He saw. He pottered about. And somehow, as if by magic… he made it worse.

No heat, no hot water. At all.




And that is how it came to pass that Tall Guy and I are playing pioneers (well, modern pioneers – I’m holed up in the bedroom with an electric heater and my laptop, but I am wearing a quilt as a cape). This morning it was almost funny making breakfast with gloves on and heating water on the stove so Tall Guy could shave.


But as Tall Guy says, “A cold water shower in the morning is a little bit too much refreshing for winter time”.



  1. I am sympathetic. That's how it was when I was a girl.

  2. Very merde. Now I know why, in the past, bathing wasn't a daily activity. It took forever to boil water for a bath!

    The good news is that it's fixed. SO glad about that. It was a cold week, but fortunately we were not very long without hot water, and now we have heat as well. Hooray for the plumber!

  3. Ah! Glad it's fixed! A good story though!