Monday, January 16, 2012

The first book of 2012

I’ve had books on the brain for a while. (Those of you who know me will say I was born with books on the brain. Bookworm is a gross understatement. Book Beast is more like it.) This blogger posted a roundup of her 2011, and this one has proposed to read one fiction and one non per month for 2012.

I keep a list of what I read, and I usually have a theme or a rule. 2009 was the rule of three: three books by the same author, to really get a taste of their style. 2010 was a new rule of three: one in English, one in French, one in Spanish. 2011 was place: I read books by Canadians (where I was in January), Brits and American expats living in the UK (after the move), and one Icelander (on our trip in August).

Some highlights:

Cool Waters: D. Warren paints a great picture of western Canada
The Children’s Hour: AS Byatt writing historical fiction set in the V&A
Remarkable Creatures:T. Chevalier recreating the life of Mary Anning
The Hare with the Amber Eyes: artist E. de Waal recounts his stunning family history
Last Rituals :Y. Sigurdardottir tells a dark yet humorous mystery
Deaf sentence: David Lodge will make you laugh. And laugh. A lot. Really.

The first book of 2012 was a Christmas gift from my dad, The Salt Road by Jane Johnson. I hadn’t really set any reading goals , but this book fit within the framework of “place” – it’s by a British author, partially set in London. A really good read to kick start the year – I only put it down to make it last a bit longer!

So what will 2012 bring to my bookshelves? Something old and something new. One classic and then one contemporary, no limitations on place or language. Revisiting old favourites and discovering new ones. Winter nights curled up with Charles Dickens and Kazuro Isiguro, spring days in the park with Anton Checkov and Andrea Levy. Any suggestions?


  1. oh tall girl - thanks for the shout out! happily, i'm on to book two - a fiction! from last year i can heartily recommend fugitive pieces - by a canadian, anne michaels, so so good, set in poland, greece and toronto.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I will check out the library and my fav bookstore to see if I can get my hands on a copy.