Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday Treat: Not chocolate cake

I was going to blog about chocolate cake. Two kinds, both flour and sugar free. But then Tall Guy threw a book in my plans. Well, he didn’t actually throw it - he put it under my pillow. Like a giant book fairy. And so last night, I fell asleep with visions of frozen yogurt and hot pink spoons dancing in my head...


Fantastic! I love Snog. And I love the Snog cookbook. All recipes are gluten and sugar-free, and many are raw. Hooray! All I could think about all day (er, ahem, apart from focusing on WORK of course...) was my awesome pink cookbook, and what I would make for dessert to show my appreciation to Tall Guy. 

Tall Guy is on a huge cherry kick at the moment. And of course there is a recipe for...

Yummy cherry cake! 

Gobble, gobble, two gigantic slices each. Good thing it´s a healthy treat! 

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