Monday, October 17, 2011

Towers, Leon, and Coconut Flour

or, Saturday with the Talls...

Tower Bridge
After a nice, long sleep in, we checked out the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which came highly recommended by Tall Dad and Apple. It was cool! Great views of the city, a neat bridge photo exhibition, and a huge steam powered engine.

Since we were close by (and we have an annual pass), we thought we'd better check on the crown jewels. Don't worry, they're still there, safe and sound.
Towers from Tower Bridge
We spent more time admiring the bridge and the jewels than we'd thought, and missed lunch. Leon to the rescue! We checked out this happy, fast and fairly good for you food chain; fresh lemonade and an amazing gluten free lemon ginger bar convinced us to go back sometime.
 The end of the day, in true fifties style, ended with me in the kitchen and Tall Guy relaxing. As in, me baking muffins (pumpkin spice!) and Tall Guy getting a massage. Don't worry - we're not THAT fifties - I was, of course, invited, but I felt too full to go!

 Coconut flour is growing on me, as these muffins turned out pretty well (Tall Guy doesn't quite agree, but that's because they don't have chocolate in them, and in his books, it's not a muffin without a chip of chocolate, or at least a raisin, in it somewhere).

Now it's Monday and we're back to the grind - yoga tonight, and roast vegetable and goat cheese salad for dinner. And a pumpkin muffin for dessert!

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