Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Talls

YEAH I did!
It's turkey time again, and for the first time, I made a Thanksgiving feast - from scratch, by the way - on my own! No parental supervision. No store-bought cheats. No spaghetti (once upon a time in Barcelona) or roast chicken (Wiesbaden) stand-ins. Tall Guy was on hand, but as his turkey day experience is limited to one Thanksgiving meal in Canada, it was all up to me. And I did it! I'll admit that I was a little nervous about the turkey drying out, the chocolate pie not setting and the buns not rising. I worried in vain - everything turned out really well! You can check out the recipes I used here.

Here's a recap of our day: 


Tall Girl: A string quartet playing some Beethoven (Tall Guy's elegant choice for the afternoon).
Tall Guy: A mix of crashes and periods of silence coming from the kitchen. Sounds dangerous in there.

Tall Girl: Raisin buns baking and turkey roasting. Mmmmmm...
Tall Guy: Roasted vegetables (my favourite side) and chocolate pie. (I can't actually smell it, but I know it's there, waiting for me...).

Tall Girl: gorgeous colours - ruby red cranberries, bright orange sweet potatoes, sunny yellow flowers... A rainbow on the table.
Tall Guy: A really huge turkey. 4.4kgs of turkey, to be exact.

Yep, that's my coffee pot by the butter... It's moonlighting as a gravey boat...

Tall Girl: a bit of everything, and it's SO good! I was so busy cooking, other than an apple for breakfast, I forgot to eat today!
Tall Guy: a bit of everything, and it's SO good! I was kind of full from the amazing omelet I had for lunch, but I found room.
Tall Girl: And he wasn't even wearing Thanksgiving pants...

Tall Girl: So blessed - I have a great Tall Guy, a full-time job, and my first turkey dinner turned out well.
Tall Guy: Full.
Tall Girl: Hey!
Tall Guy: Really, really full. (FULL is a feeling, by the way, and you did say ONE FEELING...)
Tall Girl gives Tall Guy the look.
Tall Guy: I am thankful for a lot of things - Tall Girl, our life in London, my job... but I am really too full to think about it. And everything was so good....
Tall Girl: Well, in that case...
Tall Guy: In that case, it's time for a little nap on the couch.
A plateful of plenty


  1. Yum, Jessica, your Thanksgiving looks great!! And sounds like a fabulous time with hubby, too :) Just realized I should have updated the e-book post from last year since you guys are in London now, not Germany...oops! :)

  2. Thanks Elise - everything was SO NICE!

    And the chocolate mousse pie tasted even better the next day... I'm slowly learning to trust coconut flour. :)