Saturday, October 8, 2011

This time it's not London on Saturday...

it's Saturday in London.

When you live in a place like London, sometimes it's hard to remember that it's ok not to "take advantage" of the city - there is enough to do here to fill dozens of weekends, but that doesn't mean we have to fill every one with touristy activities.

We've got sight-seeing burnout. 

It hit us last weekend, when we were in the Natural History Museum. After a turn through the dinosaur gallery, we looked at each other, made an eye-greement and beelined for the door.

The remedy?

Stay home. Catch up on housework. Relax. This weekend, we decided, is not about London. Our guidebook is not the boss this time. Our "to see and do" checklist will not diminish before Monday. We didn't get tickets to any special exhibitions, or reserve any special tours. No online search for a new club or theatre tickets.

Last night we went to the movies for the first time in I don't know how long. Today I even ditched the morning trip to the gym in favour of a lie-in (sleep-in, for you Canadians), and then I made flax muffins and a cherry shake.

We did laundry and tidied the reception room (living room). We went grocery shopping and picked up a turkey and lots of vegetables for tomorrow, when we've decided to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

Tall Guy had a little nap and I made a chocolate pie (tomorrow's dessert). We ironed (Tall Guy) and vacuumed (me) and later we'll go for a swim, and walk up to Notting Hill for pizza.

We took the motorbike in to the garage to see what that weird noise it keeps making is, and while we waited, we did one of my most favourite things of all - we hung out in a coffee shop with ridiculously large bowls cups of cappuccino (me) and hot chocolate (Tall Guy) and talked about nothing and everything.

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  1. you are true london-ers now! the weekend when you decide that being at home, rather than taking in the tourist bits is the turning point - 5 years in, it's all about the weekends at home, doing boring sub-urban stuff - and it's great. :) although the occasional trip into town on the weekend is welcomed as well.