Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Match

or, Happy Halloween from the FrankenTalls!

On Saturday we went to a Halloween party. I was pretty excited – our first house party in London, AND a costume party to boot! AND on my favourite night of the year to go out – the night we put the clocks back an hour! Of course this depends on what country we happen to be in… Anyway, we were home around two, which was actually one again. Hooray!

My costume inspiration came from a Bride of Frankenstein picture I saw at work last week. I created my own version of this classic monster with draping black clothes (I knew that crazy old shirt would come in handy one day!) and a whole lot of mousse and hairspray. I searched online for ways to create BoF hair and rejected the following ideas:a professional wig; plain gelatine; hair extensions. I finally came across something useful – the original hairdo was created by sticking her hair over a chicken wire frame. Genius! I didn’t have any chicken wire (nor the desire to think about removing said wire from my hair after the party), but I did have a lot of Velcro hair rollers. Hmmm… Hello, volume!

Tall Guy was not so sure about the costume part... Costumes were optional, so at first he wasn’t going to wear one. But then he saw my fabulous hair and lovely fake stitches, and decided maybe a costume would be fun after all. He decided this about 20 minutes before we were due to leave for the par-tay. (Men.)

Anyway, I was so thrilled about not being Jilted Bride of Frankenstein that I dove straight into the closet to look for a costume.

“Not too weird” he made me promise (I promised - he hates leaving the house with messy hair, and it was his first official Halloween, after all…). A dark shirt, a grey suit coat, a few eyeliner stitches and a dash of silver eye makeup was all I needed to create my modern FrankenTall.

We took the tube to the party, and to Tall Guy’s amazement (and relief), there were other people in costume en route to parties. And of course we were not the only ones at the party who had come in costume: The hostess with the most-est was Meryl Streep from Death Becomes Her. Chippy came as a vampire. A Black Swan ballerina (complete with creepy red eye lenses), a ghost ship, witches, cats and numerous zombies also came out for the fun.

A terror-iffic par-tay!


  1. I LOVE the pics!...and the story :)

  2. Thanks to you both! We had a really fun time, and now we're thinking of throwing a Christmas costume party (no zombies though!).