Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday Treat

I don't know how it is where you work, but in my office, Tuesday gets a bad rap. It's "nothing" day. On Monday you swap weekend stories. Wednesday is hump day. On Thursday, the weekend is "almost here", and Friday is, well, Friday!

Growing up, I always liked Tuesdays. I used to sing in a girls' choir, and we practised Tuesday nights. Tuesday meant music and friends, and a total of 90 minutes in the car with my mom, chatting and listening to the CBC. On the way home, we'd have a treat - usually something she'd picked up at the Bulk Barn (oh, how I miss you, bulk food mecca!).

Today I warded off that "it's ONLY TUESDAY!" feeling by thinking about flamenco (I dance on Tuesdays), and a treat I was going to make after work. I made this recipe, by Elise of Healing Cuisine (thanks for sharing another great one!).

I made it into 12 muffins (which I topped them with chopped pineapple - and forgot to decorate with toasted coconut flakes!) and a small cake (which I plan to smother in whipped cream tomorrow).

Yum! Satisfying, healthful and filling. A great Tuesday Treat. Tall Guy agrees.


  1. P.S. - this a one-bowl recipe. I dumped everything into one bowl and mixed with an immersion mixer. Easy-peasy!

  2. Oh! That recipe looks good! I am surprised at the number of eggs. I'll make it this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Speaking of eggs... I only used 6! I was getting ahead of myself, checking out a frittata recipe farther down the page. That recipe uses 6 eggs, and I got mixed up! The cake still turned out really well, if a little less fluffy than perhaps it would have with 8 eggs... Next time!

    Oh, and this cake is even better on the second day. YUM!

  4. I made this cake last night. It is so yummy! Nice dense texture and a smooth creaminess. I added coarsely chopped raw almonds. This cake is the best use of almond flour I have found.