Friday, September 16, 2011

It's shoe time!

This evening I did something really neat - I went to a chocolate tasting and shoe try-on event! Two fun activities under one roof.
browsing in the gallery
What more could a girl want on a Thursday night? A large-footed friend to enjoy it with!
"greta" and "peggy", our new girlfriends
Enter Chippy (a friend from work). Chippy loves shoes and chocolate as much as I do, and she has feet nearly as big as mine. The perfect match! We've been looking forward to this event for weeks. "Three more weeks till shoe night!" was finally, "It's shoe night!"  
"aretha" and some white Montezuma's chocolate
After work today, we hot-footed it over to the Adam Street Private Members' Club, where (after slipping out of our sneakers and into our heels) we were greeted by a friendly receptionist who took our coats and gave us a drink ticket. A great start to a great evening.
decisions, decisions (she chose black)
We were directed into "the gallery", which tonight was a gallery of shoes and chocolate! We sipped some wine as we perused the choices - a low heel? Dark chocolate with mint? Black or creamy patent leather? White chocolate with ginger? A pair of boots? Catherine, the brain child of amber & jade, along with some helpful staff, were on hand to help find sizes, and to encourage us to forget deciding about the chocolate - just try it all! Why isn't all shoe-shopping this easy and elegant? Not to mention tasty...

"montezuma's sea dog", my favourite of the night
Once we had made our decisions, we needed some sustenance. The club had a special menu for those attending amber & jade's shoe night - two courses for a tenner. We surprised the waiter by going with starters and dessert. A decadent decision.  
"ingrid" if the boot fits... buy it!
Catherine had goody bags for us to pick up on our way out (handily, the bag is a shoe bag!). Inside... some more chocolate, from "artisan du chocolat"! Needless to say, Chippy and I had a super-fun evening! We're looking forward to showing off our new foot-candy tomorrow at work. (Betcha wish you had big feet...)