Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Talls’ Icelandic Saga: Part 5 – The creature of the Blue Lagoon

He slips into the water. Ahhh. So warm. So invitingly warm. He walks further and floats, extra-buoyant from the salt. The steam from the water mixes with the mist in the air, and all he can see is some black lava in the distance and the blue water all around him. It’s quiet except for the crackling of salt in the water.

It’s mystical.

It’s…. kind of scary, actually…

He thinks he may not be alone… Did something just grab at his ankle? Argh! This saga will not end well – no troll or Viking warrior can save him from…

The Creature from the Blue Lagoon!

Oh wait, it’s only Tall Girl, covered in a silica mask. She convinces Tall Guy that this mask will help him relax even more and helps him slather it on.

Then the two Talls float around in the blue water until it’s time to go home.

Iceland Trip Tip: even though it is touristy and kind of expensive (compared to Bath or Wiesbaden, for example), the Blue Lagoon is not to be missed. Go there on your arrival or departure day and spend a surreal couple of hours soaking in the soothing blue water, in the middle of a barren lava field.

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