Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Talls´ Icelandic Saga: Part 4 - No good saga is complete without a battle

Or,history learned according to geography.

The Talls have about an hour to spin through Reykjavik before heading off to the airport. They map out the monuments they want to see. Tall Girl circles the location of one last statue and then they’re off, walking briskly around the town, snapping pictures as they go.

Tall Girl: Ooo, we have to hurry. I really want to see the Leif Ericson statue before we go

Tall Guy: Is it by an artist you like?

Tall Girl: No, it’s a statue of an explorer I did a history project on as a kid

Tall Guy: Um, nerd???

Tall Girl: Well, he’s also important in Canadian history. In world history, actually

Tall Guy: (raises an eyebrow, signalling that Tall Girl should explain)

Tall Girl: you know, since he ‘discovered’ my continent?

Tall Guy stops dead in his tracks. Tall Girl stops too, thinking that he must have spotted the elusive arctic fox and they are about to get the photo she was hoping for (running around the streets of Reykjavik? A long shot, but one never knows).

Tall Guy: (looking concerned) You mean Cristobal Colon

Tall Girl: (looking surprised) No, I mean Leif Ericson

Tall Guy: (the eyebrow comes up again)

Tall Girl: Leif Ericson? The Viking?

Tall Guy: No, you mean Cristobal Colon

Tall Girl: He didn’t even get to the mainland!

Tall Guy: (does a quick search on his blackberry) Well, your guy couldn’t establish a lasting colony!
Tall Girl: Maybe he didn’t want to! He knew where it was and decided to check out the rest of the world instead of going to the same place three times in a row!
Tall Guy: (withering stare directed at Tall Girl which stops her from walking again) Count the statues of Colon and the statues of your guy. I bet my guy wins
They start walking again. They round a corner.
Tall Girl: Hey, there’s a statue of my guy right there!

TG with Leif Ericson


  1. Even more impressive than the statue of Leif Eriscon is the building in the background. What is it?

  2. I found out what it is!...(from Reykjavik's Tourism website)
    "Hallgrimskirkja church is Reykjavik's main landmark and its tower can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. It is the largest church in Iceland, and the 73-metre high church tower offers a stunning view."